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Bed and Breakfast

Wichita, Kansas

Home of Automobile Dealer Pioneer, Morris Schollenberger, Est. 1908


Land owned by Banks

& Speculators.


Morris & Pearl Schollenberger build the house and live here until 1927.

The Good family owns the house

for more than 70 years!



Millers purchase the house

& begin restoration.

Schollenberger Family

Good Family

Miller Family


In 1900, Morris and Gerorge Scholleberger opened The Wichita Automobile Co, the first (gasoline powered) car dealership in Kansas. In 1904 their younger brother Harvey joined his brothers at the dealership. The Schollenberger’s also opened an auto repair shop in 1902 and the city’s first gasoline station in 1908. Maude Schollenberger, wife of Harvey, was credited with founding the city's first art school, The Wichita Art Association. Learn more

Harvey George Morris

Prior to opening their automobile dealership in 1900, the brothers owned the Schollenberger & Co. which repaired bicycles at 235 N. Main, in Wichita, Ks.

Morris and Pearl Schollenberger owned the home until 1926, at which time the house was deeded to the Citizens State Bank, which then transfered the deed in 1931 to the Fammie & Floyd Brown Life Insurance Company. In1933 the life insurance company sold the house to a Fred J Friess who deeded the house to his daughter, Mary Friess in 1934. Mary married Dr. Fridolin Good and together they raised 7 children, (4 girls and 3 boys) in the house. Dr. Good also ran his chiropractic practice out of the front room of the house which was converted into his exam room.

In 1979 Mary Good set up a revocable trust. Mary Good died in 1990 and in 1991 the house went to Frederick and Bernice Stavniak (son and daughter of Dr. Fridolin and Mary Good). It appears that the house ownership was transferred to several of the children over time.

The house remained in the Good family until the last family member to own the house was a daughter, Edna Good. The home sits on three (3) city lots,  which were the last empty lots on the block when they were purchased in 1908. Many of the homes in this area were built around 1900-1910 and few before the turn of the 20th century. Another historical point of interest involves the house having always been deeded to a woman, which was very uncommon during the early 20th century.

Brent & Becky Miller purchase the house from the St. Joseph Church which had been willed the house by Edna Good in 2005. For the next 10 months, restoration began on the home to return it back to its original condition. Fortunately little had been changed in the past 96 years but there was still a very large amount ot work that had to be done to return the house to its 1914 period.

Some of the more involved restorations involved removal of 5-6 layers of wall paper and then having all the plaster walls resurfaced. The 1950s era drop down acoustic tile ceiling was replaced with sheet rock and the kitchen was completely gutted. The kitchen cabinets were custom designed and built to replicate the look of the1910-1920 historical period. There is much, much... more of course, and you can see most of the work on Becky's blog:

Removing layer after layer of wallpaper.

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